Saturday 22 November 2014


What a day I've had. 
I was just cuddled up on River and mines chair when all of a sudden a great rush of wind flew over my head and woke me up and lo and behold it was River who had jumped clear over my head and was barking her little head off at something out of the window.

She nearly made me jump out of my skin and as much as she called at me to join in I'd been woken up so suddenly that I ran upstairs. I wasn't scared but I was shocked.

I hid behind the stair curtain to hear who it was, us cats are clever creatures you know always watching and listening even when you can't see us, it's what makes us the rulers of the animal kingdom, we're born with it.

Through a gap in the window I could see River was really excited so I knew whoever it was that had come to visit would be OK and I crept out.
I know that smell, it was the Daddymummy.
She's nice I like her, last time she came she brought me those fabulous balls with bells in and so when she offered to join in playing with me I jumped at the chance, at the ball she was making bounce up and down. 

And when River cuddled in to her I took the opportunity to really memorise her smell so that next time she comes visiting I won't run away and I can make her feel really at home. I'm so happy here, I think I've landed on my feet, mind you us cats always do!

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