Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Not The Easiest Of Jobs

Daddy said that as my other Daddy was away with work tonight that he was going to give us an extra special tea tonight. I had chicken, cat crunchies and loads and loads of milk!

River got a bit excited and got it all over her head but as she's a fabulous sister I decided I would help her out and give her a bit of a clean, after all she's always cleaning me.

I've grown quiet a lot since coming here but although I can jump right over River I can't clean her properly unless she keeps her head down. She's got such lovely hair but it does get tangled and it's not the easiest of jobs to remove bit of pepper from such a birds nest.

Finally I managed to get it out and I was so happy I jumped clean over her and planted a big kiss on her mouth. I think she was surprised, she looked it!

And then we danced!

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