Sunday 23 November 2014

Where We Start Our Adventures

I've noticed since living here that there seems to be a pattern. One of my Daddies goes out most mornings and the other one stays in with me and River. River generally stays upstairs with Daddy through the day but they come down to check up on me at different points, I was allowed to join them in the secret room for a couple of days but it wasn't my fault I find everything in their so interesting and keep on knocking things over.

When it gets to the weekend the Daddy that stays with us to keep us company gets up early and the other Daddy has a lie in and sometimes River stays in bed with him.

It's all very uniformed and this consistency has allowed me to understand when there's going to be some alone time available with me and Daddy, I'm taking advantage of it now before River comes down and we decided where we start our adventures of the day