Sunday 21 June 2015

An Awakening

"Would you mind hanging on a moment." I put my paw up to Mogsie and looked down and tried to clear my head.

Something was happening to me, a stirring inside, something unfamiliar, something new. I looked down and saw my fur was standing on end, bristling, it felt electric but I didn't need to see to known I felt it, like that moment you get when someone walks over your grave. I looked back up at Mogsie;

!I won't be a minute, please don't go anywhere." He looked at me earnestly nodded, the corners of his eyes pinching in on themselves.

I jumped down from the window ledge, I needed some fresh air and went running outside. I wasn't sure why but I craved a breeze and needed to shake the feeling and get back to me.

I ran past Nadia and River, enjoying the sun in the garden with my Daddies, before I knew it I was up in the Peace Garden heading towards The Wiseman, but he wasn't really my destination, I wasn't sure why I was here, I stopped to catch my breath. River was still laying in the sun, I had no need to feel on alert.

The feeling passed. I'm not sure why I needed air but it did the trick, I was ready to go back in again.

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