Wednesday 24 June 2015

I'm So Glad

I'm so glad I managed to get a good nights sleep last night, I desperately needed it my brain was so tired. I was for once planning on having an extended lie in but River came running down and woke me up, all excited because it was Daddies birthday. I needed to get up to give him his card. No idea where Nadia was, she's managed to keep a low profile.
I was going to start telling you everything Mogsie had shown me about Purlene and The Coven of 3 when Theo walked by.
There's something going on I swear it, I'm seeing more and more of him these days, although Doublay seems to have gone to ground, I've not seen him in ages.

River took the Daddies out for a walk and it was the perfect opportunity for me to explore his land now that I knew he was out, he only lived 2 doors down and if I was to be forming a Coven then I needed to know who I was getting myself involved with.
I was just about to go over C's garage when I heard Maisie talking in her back garden and so the coast wasn't as clear as I thought it was so I returned home to find they had all returned and were stuffing their faces.
All the excitement of nearly getting caught and the thoughts of what I was about to embark on made me feel very dry, so I had a drink from the pool. I was so pleased I popped the top layer, it's now just the perfect height for us both.

I was feeling in the game for a little game with River and as everyone was outside in the garden loving the sun I thought I'd get her to chase me, it worked, she loved it built up a right hunger we did.
Still I didn't mind, steak for dinner. I'm liking this anyone has a birthday in this house and I get steak for tea kinda plan although I did have to wait until River had helped herself to a portion of mine. I don't mind I love seeing her happy and of course it will slow her down later when she thinks she's gonna by chasing me everywhere and I shall out light-foot her!

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