Thursday 25 June 2015

Entering The Time Consciousness

"The thing is," Mogsie said, "I can't just tell you the story, that wouldn't be the point, not your point anyway that would be my interpretation of what went on and mine may be different to yours and it's important for you to experience your own, err shall we say revelation?"

I looked Mogsie direct in the eye, I was ready for anything.

"Time has a consciousness you see and you need to understand that to be able to connect to it."

I lent forward, I didn't want to miss a single thing.

"When you connect to times consciousness you're able to interact with it, a little like we can step forward but if we so chose we can step back as well and that's where you need to go back. You need to connect with times consciousness and then you'll be able to step back and see what went on for yourself. Your perspective of events will be vital for you for it's your journey you'll be on as accessing the consciousness does have consequences as well!"

"Time is alive and it's constantly letting us know, we just don't always recognise it, the dandelion floss flying in the breeze, time letting you know its alive, each time you spot a clock, time letting you know it's alive."

I stood up, the hairs on my back bristled. "What do you mean consequences?" My heart was pounding.

"You'll be affected but what you do or don't do, the past may be the past but if you access the time consciousness it will actually be your present and in the present anything can happen and already has. It's a concept that can drive a mind mad, heed those words you'll understand soon enough."

I swallowed hard, a bit dry I might need a drink before I attempted to access the time consciousness.

"How do I access the time consciousness?" I was ready.

"Just believe, simply believe it exists and it does, you after all are a witches familiar, it should be easier for you than most. That is something you should do in your own time!"

I nodded, I was ready now and ran straight outside into the back garden. River was laying down under a shade, perfect place, next to the one who makes me feel the safest.

I lay next to River, closed my eyes and stopped thinking, I could hear some birds in the background, a different song from the one's the Wood Pigeons sing, that buzzing again of a fly, yes that was familiar.

I opened my eyes to swat at it but what I saw in front of me was not River cuddling in. No what I saw ahead or me, aside of me, in fact all around me was a wood, a forest, sunlight shone through a tree tops onto a log just in front of me, where seated pleased as punch, on the log, was the fly.

"Shhh." He whispered,

"I'm hear to be your guide, I've been trying to get your attention for a while now."


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