Saturday 6 June 2015

It's Time!

Time. It's Time! I pronounced to Greego as he sat up on his shelf looking down at me, the answer to your riddle is Time!

Greego stared at me, I couldn't read what was going through his mind, I rarely could.

He stood up, hopped onto his magic carpet and gently glided it down to the floor where I was sitting.

"Time?" He said, "Time?"

"Yes" I replied confidently I've worked it out your riddle;

"What's comes and goes and goes and comes and yet has not a clue,
Something that comes and yet had gone another clue for you?"

"Time comes and goes and yet I believe has not a clue as it's got no consciousness and therefore it's still matches the statement something that comes and yet has gone."

Greego raised his hand to his chin in a V and nodded silently. I was feeling confident now I'd seen his reaction.

"Well once time is past it's gone and it's something that always comes no matter what." I smiled at Greego.

He looked at the ground for half a minute before clicking his fingers, activating his magic carpet which raised itself to my eye level. Greego matched my sight line and stared deep into my eyes before speaking.

"Wrong!" My heart fell. "Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong."

I was dumbfounded I was sure I was right, Greego looked so pleased for himself.

"Wrong answer and wrong assumption, time does have a consciousness, it lives and breaths as much as you and I."

His smile cut through his face, "Tell me, tell me, tell me my secret."

"What is it then?" I knew as a Pixie he couldn't lie or he would already have disappeared but I wasn't really thinking straight, "and what do you mean time has a consciousness?"

"Err what part of our deal did I ever say I would give you the answer, YOU," he pointed at me "were supposed to be giving me the answer."

My mind was racing and jumping from thought to thought.

"What did you mean by Gotcha!" I was chancing it I knew.

"Gotcha!" Greego back flipped and giggled.

"Gotcha! Now what's the secret, a deals a deal." He was right of course a deal is a deal. I however knew the secret I was about to reveal would take Greego by surprise, something if I was reading him right would give me another chance to read him some more. I wanted to shock him and get his tell reaction so intended to be blunt.

"Your mate FancyPants is downstairs waiting for you, he has been for a while now!"

Greego fell backwards straight off the magic carpet hitting the floor with a thud!