Saturday 13 June 2015

Answers In A Dream?

That fly finally buzzed off and left me alone to rest in peace, it's another warm day and as much as I tried I couldn't help but let the heat get to me and send me back off to sleep, that's when the strangest thing happened.

So there I was dreaming of finally catching that fly, I knew it was a dream, the fly had turned purple and even I know flies aren't purple, when all of a sudden I heard a voice behind me, in my dream you understand.

"Wake up, wake up you pesky kitten." I turned, in my dream, to see Greego there standing looking at me, surrounded by a cloud of, well cloud.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, "Come to help me catch the fly?" I laughed.

"Oh for the sake of flying fairies," Greego looked a little angry and put both his hands on his hips. For some reason that cracked me up.
"He's a little Pixie, short and stout, pick him up and pour..." I copied with my paws on my hips and swung from side to side.

"Yes, yes that's enough of that," Greego interrupted.

I was used to Greego being rude to me, but if he was in my dream I wasn't going to have him speaking to me like that.

"Greego," I was about to berate him.

"Oh wake up you silly cat, just wake up will you."

"Well that's rich," I retorted, "you're the one that's been asleep this past couple of weeks."

"Not through choice!" He shouted, "Don't you get it you silly little cat. I'm suffering with a sleeping curse and you probably have been infected too if you were near me when it hit."

"What on earth sort of dream is this?" I spoke out loud, although I was really talking to myself."

"It's not a dream, well it is your dream but it's the only way I can get through to you, have you any idea how much energy and concentration it takes to take over someone else's dream? I'm popped and I can't keep it up much longer. I need you to help me, I need you to break this curse and wake me up."

He looked deadly serious, maybe I was getting some answers in a dream, I have been feeling extra tired lately, but I put that down to the weather.

I looked up from the floor and into the cloud enveloping Greego.

"How do I do that, break the curse I mean?"

Greego huffed. "I don't know I only know I've been infected and I need your help, if you don't I'll end up asleep forever."

He suddenly looked serious.

"Please help me." I'd never heard Greego use the please word before, his eyes looked so sad. The cloud started to get thicker and thicker and I was finding it hard to see Greego in amongst all the smoke.

"Don't worry Greego, I'll help you. I don't know how but I'll help you."

Greego and the cloud disappeared and I heard the familiar sound of buzzing again. I opened my eyes to see the fly, normal colour but then again he would be he wasn't in my dream. I ran upstairs to see if Greego was still where he'd been this past few weeks.

Same place as usual, I gave him a little knock with my paw to see if that would wake him, he just snored a little louder.

I'm going to need some help with this.