Wednesday 17 June 2015

Ready To Explore My Destiny

Well I decided to give up searching while it was still so hot, all I was doing as wasting time and getting myself all hot and bothered but as son as it started to cool down I was back out searching again.
I could see no sign of Mogsie out the front but I know he occasionally likes to go a-wandering around the back so I jumped up on the wall to see if he was over the wall but I couldn't see anything, this Summer business brings all the leaves out very thick and it was blocking my view so I decided to get a bit higher and jumped up on the sun shine shed and then an idea hit me.

I'd get a better view not just of the gardens out the back but all across Catworld if I got myself up in the tree. I identified the biggest low branch and put my paw out to test if it would hold me weight, it would. I put a second paw out and then my nerves got the better of me and I decided I needed a little more practise climbing before I attempted a tree, I mean what would I do if I got stuck up there?
It was when I turned to get back down again that I spotted him, not Mogsie but there across the road was one of the other witches familiars. 
His back was facing me so I couldn't see if it was Doublay or Theo, my heart pounded, we'd never been formally introduced but there right in front of me was a kindred spirit, I felt a connection and a stirring inside of me. I watched him go around the back of E's house out of sight and smiled to myself, I felt I belonged, I was ready to explore by destiny.