Friday 5 June 2015

Left To My Own Devises

Blimey it's been a hot one today, I heard Daddy say the hottest day of the year and I can well believe it both River and I have suffered a little bit.

I, being a cat and therefore very clever, spent most of the day hidden away indoors out of the sun only venturing out when I had to. River of course being the dopey she is decided a great thing to do with sunbath and get herself all hot and bothered, the Daddies have just taken her out in the car, to cool her down no doubt, she so loves hanging out the window.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, peace and quite can do that for you, thinking about the last 6 months or so.

How on earth could I ever imagined that my best friend would be a Shih Tzu puppy called River, we're inseparable, apart from trips out and about, I'm not ready to join them in that activity yet.

I've also made a good friend in George, no matter what a cat needs a cat close and George I can see becoming a great friend. I wish I knew why Mogsie was so cautious towards me but I suppose everyone moves at their own pace and it's taking a little longer for us to get to know each other. There's some other cats around here but I've not had much to do with them so far, I've been too busy with my own development, I'm not even one yet.

There's a crazy banished Pixie who lives upstairs called Greego and when he's around anything is possible, I just thought I had the measure of this place and then he pops up. It's always interesting when he's around, I think I've worked out what his latest riddle is about and I intend to pose it to him this weekend.

There's my Daddies of course, I like them, they give me my own space but are welcoming when I want and they spoil me with the fresh food, but I could do without that box they use to take me to the Doctors.

Left to my own devises I'm enjoying the last of the day, coolness has settled in. I can see Chameleon on his evening constitutional, clever boy choosing the coolest part of the day to wander around, I must make friends with him so we can take a sunset stroll together.