Sunday 14 June 2015

That My Friend Is Your Destiny

"Hello David."

I looked up from the chair where I was resting to see Mogsie sitting staring in at me.

"What I feared and tried to prevent has now to happen." He looked down, a little resigned a little sad.

"What do you mean?" I wasn't expecting Mogsie to come over ad was a little taken aback. I thought maybe George would come back with a message or some advice or something, but here he was Mogsie sitting talking to me.

"I've been trying to stop something from happening, something that now to help you out with this sleeping curse must happen."

He moved a step closer and settled down.

"You've probably wondered why I've not been exactly welcoming to you since you moved here."

I nodded.

"It wasn't anything you had done and..." he paused "Maybe I should have explained earlier."

I looked him right in the face, I was certainly not expecting the day to turn out the way it was.

"I didn't want to assist in getting you too involved in Catworld, not because you aren't welcome, everyone's welcome but because you are a witches familiar."

"I keep on hearing all this stuff but I don't feel any different from any normal cat. I think." I was getting more than a little annoyed with all this witches familiar talk.

Mogsie nodded.

"I know little cat, I know, but you see you're not the only witches familiar around here."

I think I knew what he was talking about.

"Yes I've seen another one around, he lives a couple of doors down."

Mogsie nodded "Yes Theo, he's new here too but there's Doublay as well."

"I don't really know Doublay or Theo, I've just seen them around. George is my main cat friend around here."

"George, yes, he's a very good friend to have, I know he's been looking out for you and for that I am pleased. You see David I've been trying to ensure you Theo and Doublay don't get to meet."

Why didn't he want us to meet, that wasn't very friendly.

"Why?" I was feeling a little angry again, I felt manipulated.

"Because." Mogsie looked at me straight in the eye, his face more serious that any face I'd every seen before,

"Because if three witches familiars meet a coven is formed and when a coven of witches familiars is formed then anything is possible."

"A coven of witches familiars! What do you mean anything is possible?"

Mogsie stood back up "Oh David-Shiro."

He walked in a circle before settling back to his original position

"You know what your name means don't you? Beloved Warrior. Our destiny is written the moment we are born and for cats the moment we are named."

I stood up and stretched, something crackled in my bones.

"Your destiny David-Shiro it can no longer be avoided, to help your friend Greego you are going to have to form a coven of witches familiar and realise your destiny."

My head was spinning, this was all a bit much to take it.

"What? How do you know all this, George knows about witches familiars he told me that I was one to begin with but he didn't tell me all of this. What do you mean my destiny, what's that all about?"

Mogsie smiled, his head looking down at his feet for a moment before returning my gaze.

"A while back, oh must be about a year ago now I had to follow my destiny and stand back and allow others to follow there's. It nearly broke my heart and it changed everything. During that time I had a friend with me, a friend who also had travelled far and wide and kept me company, Troy his name was. All we could do was talk, talk and wait and the tales he told me, well they would blow your mind."

I was dumb struck.

"He told me all about Purlean, the first witches familiar and the original Coven of 3 and the terrible decision she had to make, her destiny. The rise of the second great age of the cats and the battle with the Army of The DoTheirBests that heralded it's fall. He also told me there would be a time when a new Coven of 3 would need to be formed and there was nothing I could do to prevent it, but I tried all the same. You see David-Shiro you can't escape your destiny no matter how hard you try."

I was in awe, my mind dancing with images of battles and witches and cats and things.

"To help your friend Greego break his sleeping curse you are going to have to re-form The Coven of 3 and fulfil your destiny. I just hope your destiny is a lucky one little cat."

I had so many questions running through my head but no answers, I thought Mogsie was going to help but he'd just seemed to confuse things even more.

"But how do I form this Coven of 3?"

Mogsie got up, stretched and started to walk away.

"Oh you'll find your way my friend, you'll find you way. Good luck!"