Friday 3 July 2015

A Wish Being Granted!

"I'm very pleased to meet you too." The Darling, darling smiled at The Witch, his head lowered to the floor.

"Isn't it a hot day today?"

The Witch smiled and sat crossed legged.

"Oh yes it's a very hot day today, you must be thirsty would you like something to drink?"

She held up her arm, a bowl of water suddenly appearing in her palm. She lowered it to The Darling, Darlings level, who raised her head and drank.

"Umm lovely, thank you." The Darling, Darling smiled and turned to Purlean.


Purlean held The Darling, Darlings gaze but her body also rested and she lay her arms out.

"Hello." A softness to her voice.

"I'm Purlean." A brief smile dashed across her face, her eye colour brightening.

"Where are you all going on this beautiful day?" The question directed to no one in particular.

Bob moved back next to The Darling, Darling and stroked her again.

"I'll just be taking myself a double stroke of luck, we're lost I think, we're heading to The Summer Fair at Lands Meadow, although I'm beginning to think everything will be over by the time we get there, we've been lost for so long."

The Witch interrupted, "Do you think you could help us find the way?" She paused;

"If of course you don't have other business to attend to?" Her eyes wide, baby like, slightly alluring.

The Darling, Darling thought for a while.

"I think I can help you out with that, I know exactly how to get there, although it's still a little way away, a couple of days at least."

"Oh," Bob clapped his hands, "That would be simply wonderful."

He turned to Purlean who smiled at him, you could see they were fond of each other.

"My pleasure." The Darling, Darling smiled.

I was watching Purlean, she seemed relaxed and tense but then again being with Ursa for so long I'm sure must play with the emotions.

"Now tell me, how do you all know each other?" The Darling, darling looked from Bob to The Witch and down to Purlean.

Purlean jumped right in, "Ursa is my mistress, she took me in when I was all alone."

"And Bob," The Witch spoke, "Well we came across Bob a while ago and we've all been lost every since. It's such a big forest this one."

"Oh yes it is that," The Darling, Darling took another sip form the bowl;

"It's very easy to lose your way." Something in the tone, not obvious but something was there.

The Darling, Darling looked at Purlean, I turned to The Fly and opened my mouth to speak but The Fly shhh'd me again,


I turned back. The Witch was scowling at The Darling, Darling, I don't think anyone but us noticed.

Ursa cleared her throat.

"We've been lost for so long and it must be so boring for our little Purlean, I'm hoping when we get to Lands Meadow she may well meet another cat who she can befriend. What do you think Darling, Darling?" She offered out a berry, The Darling, Darling declined and smiled at Purlean;

"Oh I'm sure she will." The Darling, Darling closed her eyes and squeezed her whole body. A light shot like a lightening bolt from the top of her head into the sky, through the tree tops.

"What!" I turned to The Fly, "was that?"

The Fly smiled.

"A wish being granted! I told you The Witch does everything for a reason! Now come we've seen enough, we need to get to Middle Town and I need to prepare you, what you're about to see isn't going to be very pleasant to see!"

My heart pumped, adrenaline in mu mouth, The Fly took off and I quietly sped after him, turning back to make sure I hadn't been heard. I hadn't although Bob, The Witch and Purlean were already following the Darling, Darling.