Sunday 26 July 2015

Time's Running Out

"So I guess we're going to be stopping around here while Purlean has her babies?" The Fly and I had retreated slightly back into the forest.

"Oh no, there's something very important I'm going to take you to see before that happens." The Fly wiped a bit of leaf he was consuming from his mouth with the back of his spindly arm.

"But she's so heavily pregnant, surely it's best that she remains where she is?" I was finding myself feeling very maternal towards Purlean, something about the way she was sitting her belly exposed to the sun, or maybe that look in her eye, the one that shouts contentment.

"Ursa may love Purlean but she's got a task to complete, have you forgotten she's still got the Ruby and Sapphire of Mar to collect. Purlean giving birth hasn't diverted her from that plan."

I looked at The Fly who was still tiding himself up and looked not in the slightest worried.

"But what about the babies, shouldn't they be the highest priority."

"Oh they are, don't get me wrong, they are of the highest priority but times running out for Ursa, she's about to enter the town of Troubledom, about a mile or so down the road."

"Troubledom! Doesn't exactly sound inviting."

"It's not, it's the place all the rule breakers from around here are sent, not somewhere someone would go to unless they had a really good reason. The perfect sort of place to store the Ruby of Mar. I mean who would willingly enter the lions den?"

I looked back at Purlean, purring her stomach exposed to the sun, fearing I knew exactly the answer to that question. I turned back to look at The Fly, my green eyes glaring danger and excitement;


The Fly smiled, "You got it and you'd better be prepared this is going to be ugly!"