Thursday 2 July 2015

3 Minutes For Me & 3 Months For Them.

"And what," The witch made her grand entrance parting bushes both sides of her with one sweep of her arms;

"Do we call ourselves?" The witch stared directly at The Darling, Darling.

Purlean poked her head through the branches of a tree she was nestling in, her face the same cold expression as I'd left it 3 minutes for me and 3 months for them ago.

The Darling, Darling smiled at the witch.

"Hello, I'm The Darling, Darling." She got up and moved towards the witch. The witches smile turning into a grimace the closer The Darling, Darling got.

"This is Purlean," Bob gestated to where Purlean was standing, "and this is." He moved his hands toward the witch.

"Actually I don't know your name. Strange all this time and I've never asked your name."

Purlean rapidly looked in the direction of the witch, for a second the cold front changed, although what it changed to I couldn't swear, feat maybe? No confusion? I couldn't make it out.

"My name," She said, "My name is Ursa and I'm pleased to meet you." She put put out her hand and shook The Darling, Darlings, hand. The Darling, Darling at down and smiled at them all.

I was stunned and turned to the Fly.

"Why she being so nice to The Darling, Darling?" Of course I'd seen it before with Bob but there was something very different about the way she was being to The Darling, Darling.

The Fly turned to face me and licked his mouth, a small cherry stalk hanging out the side of his mouth.

"She needs her. The Darling, Darling is very well known and loved but not often seen, wandering around pleasing herself spreading love. Have you not noticed yet, she collect people that will be of use to her, disregarding without thought those she doesn't."

"Will they all be OK?" I'd not been here that long but already I was growing attached to Bob and now The Darling, Darling, Purlean just intrigued me I couldn't work her out.

"I'm just the guide David-Shiro I'm just The Guide. Now shhh we don't want to draw attention to ourselves watch..."