Saturday 25 July 2015

I Guess Only Time Will Tell

I turned to The Fly, a concerned look fighting it's way through my skull.

"As great news at that is, isn't it a bit dangerous for Purlean, hanging around with Ursa I mean?"

The Fly shrugged his shoulders;

"Not as much as you'd think, Ursa loves Purlean, she's one of the only things in this world that she doesn't scheme about. Oh no Ursa's been taking very good care of her."

I felt slightly relieved but still wasn't convinced.

"So how come we jumped so much time?"

The Fly thought for a moment, his hundred eyes searching for an answer in different directions.

"I really have no idea, it's never happened before and I've done this tour more times that I could ever remember."

He smiled at me;

"Maybe a bit of magic escaped out and affecting things. This is the Enchanted Forest still not all magic comes from the hands of people, nature has it's own way of making what it needs to happen, happen." and shrugged.

I stretched contemplating his words, nothing makes much sense here, I guess only time will tell!