Wednesday 8 July 2015

We're About To Play A Game

The Dragon swooped down towards the crowd, it's wings taunt and strong, veins pulsating, it's eyes white like sparkling diamonds.

Some of the crowd tried to run, some stuck to the spot with fear, children cried out, clutching hands and clothes of the nearest adult, burying heads into skirts and tunics.

Ursa threw her head back and laughed, Purlean crouched down on the floor, her eyes for the first time loosing their steely stance.

I turned to The Fly, transfixed on the Dragon, once more flying high in the sky, looping an eight.

"Now." Ursa shouted out, "I have your attention. I need you to bring me 3 things."

A man in the crowd who had made his way towards Ursa stepped forward;

"What, what is it that you want?"

Ursa turned to face him.

"One. Every scrap of food in town brought to this square and placed in a pile. Two I want the Crystal of Mar to e placed at my feet and three I want the towns leader to step forward and accept his or her fate, we're about to play a game and the outcome of that game will determine what happens to you all!"

I turned to The Fly, his thousand eyes still fixated on the Dragon flying high above.