Sunday 12 July 2015

An Agreement

"I'm Niels." A man of about 30 stepped forward towards Ursa.

"I'm the town representative."

Ursa grinned, her head moving up and down.

"Cute, been working out?" She laughed, Niels did not look like he was enjoying the compliment.

A big pile of crops and barrels of food had now formed in the square in front of Ursa, Purlean was still at her feet, watching everyone.

"And the Crystal of Mar?"

Niels looked nervous, and paused before turning to a lady behind him who held out the Crystal to him. He took it from her and laid it on the ground between him and Ursa, she didn't move, a glint of enjoyment betrayed her excitement.

"Now Niels, I have a question for you and it's a very simple one, I want to see the mark of this man. You or the food what is going to survive?"

The lady who had handed the crystal to Niels gasped and grabbed hold of him.

"Ooh deary, do you wove him." She mocked.

"Please," Niels wife begged. "Please leave us all alone, you have the Crystal."

Niels looked back at his wife and gripped her hand tightly before turning back to Ursa. Resignation in his face, he knew she meant what she said.

"Is there no other bargain we can come to?"

"You can sacrifice you dear lady friend there if you want?" Ursa over to Purlean perched on a rock and smiled. Purlean's was staring at Niels and didn't return her gaze.

Niels stepped forward.

"Then I think you know my answer."

Ursa smiled and raised her shoulders;

"Yes, but I think it's more fun to hear it from the horse mouth."

Niels looked down, broken.

"Save the food."

With a snap of her fingers Niels had disappeared. Niels wife cried out and dropped to the ground. A few people in the crowd joined her, a general murmuring but no one wanted to draw attention to themselves.

Ursa turned and started to walk back towards the wood, Purlean following her, she raised her hand up in the air and clicking her fingers. The pile of food ignited, Ursa laughed.

"But she made an agreement." I said to The Fly.

"She's a witch, they don't really stick to agreements. I said it wasn't going to be pleasant."

"I'm not sure I'm liking what I'm seeing about Purlean."

"She's Ursa's witches familiar but what I have to show you is far from over, let's see if you change that view by the end. Ready for another time boost, we need to jump a while, some Darling, Darling magic is about to hatch!"