Tuesday 21 July 2015

Hang On A Second

"Hang on a second, where are we?"

This place certainly did not look like the place we were at earlier, no lake and the grass was a deeper shade of emerald. Ursa was taking a nap, under a great oak tree, and I could see Leopold and The Darling, Darling heading down a small pathway into the wood.

"Oh dear, I think we've jumped a bit too far in the future. I don't know how that's happened, it's never happened before."

The fly turned to me and smiled;


"What do you mean sorry? I was looking forward to seeing what happened between Purlean and Leopold."

"You can," the Fly smiled,"Can't you guess?"

I looked back at Purlean sitting on a mound of grass cleaning Bob who was giggling as her tongue tickled his face, I didn't understand what The Fly meant.

"I don't get it?"

The Fly smiled and nodded.

"Look carefully!"

I turned back Leopold wasn't there but they were obviously still together, this little group was growing in size, and Purlean was still cleaning Bob, although she'd now moved down to his toes, he was giggling harder than before, well you would wouldn't you?

"Huh?" I wished The Fly would just tell me.

"Look at Purlean, really carefully."

He nodded at her again, she'd finished cleaning Bob who was now laying flat on his back, enjoying some sun rays as they shone through the tree canopy, Purlean was stretching out.

"Her stomach!"

The Fly grinned.

"What? I can see she's put on a bit of weight, but what's that got to do with anything?"

The Fly really was beginning to annoy me now.

"Well you would wouldn't you, if you were pregnant!"



The Fly nodded;

"By the look of her, I'd say about 8 or 9 weeks. Not long to go now!"