Wednesday 1 June 2016

A Universe Test Request - A Pink Panther!

I'd been sitting musing on the message surely sent to me by the universe this morning. I couldn't be sure so I did something a little naughty and sent out a universe test request.

Daddy was getting ready to go to the shop and so I requested that if this message was definitely a message I should be taking notice off, even though at this stage I can't decipher it, than he was to return home with news of a panther.

I half didn't believe it could happen, it seems such a strange request to fulfil but it it was then I could not ignore it.

He came back, mumbling something to himself, said hello to River then me and went out in the kitchen to unpack.

I went out to see if seeing me would prompt a conversation from him about what he'd just seen, he sometimes does that. Today he didn't.

No today he just left on the side a message as clear as day is light.

A Pink Panther!

Message received, loud and clear!