Sunday 26 June 2016

"I've Been Waiting For You!"

"I've been waiting for you!" The voice was familiar and I opened my eyes. There right in front of me buzzing around was The Fly, grinning away.

What was going on? I was still in the air, I should have fallen by now and been enveloped by the sea but I wasn't, colour all around me.

"What's going on? And more to the point where have you been?" I looked at The Fly, angry and relieved both at once.

The Fly smiled back, "I told you I've been waiting for you." I could have swiped at him but I was glad not to be alone and also glad not to be floating around in the middle of the sea.

"You...!" I didn't know what to say to him.

He laughed back. "Oh come on David, how many times have I taken this tour, did you not think that I didn't see you'd be OK? You needed to take that part of the journey on your own but I've been watching over you the whole time, you needed to speak to Purlean and I don't think you would have done that if I was around."

"You mean you knew that was going to happen?"

"Well," he paused "Yes" Then giggled. He must have seen the look on my face. "Oh come on, I knew you'd be fine, I've seen you at the Parsnip Valley when I was on one of my other tours, and if you were there then you must have made it OK and as I said I've never been that far away from you."

"Where are we?" I looked around again, it was like the northern lights had descended upon us.

"Remember the magic that chased us through the forest?" I nodded, "Well we're right in the middle of it now, it's helping us get to where we need to be. Parsnip Valley, now get some sleep David, it's OK you'll be safe you are going to need your energy AND your wits about you when we get there!"

As annoyed at The Fly as I was I had a lot to process from my conversation with Purlean, and a lot to remember. And what did she mean by - one day you will remember and when you remember then you'll be free?