Saturday 18 June 2016

A Very Important And Exciting Communication

I've just received a very important and exciting communication from Twizzle;

Hi David

I've got some exciting news for you! My Mum was out on the pavement
speaking to the new people who have moved in to E's house. When she came
back in she and my Dad were talking and apparently S and R (the new
people) have got two baby kittens who they call their babies !!! A tabby
one called Fenn and a white and tabby one called Biggles!!! Two little
boys and they're only 9 weeks old so they're a little bit young to come out
yet to play. Well at least we will have two new members of Cat World.
Keep a look out of your window because you might see them first before I do.
You never know when they're big enough they might take their Mummy and Daddy
out for a walk just like I do with my Daddy so that he gets a little bit of
exercise every day.

Lots of purrs and kisses

Your friend Twizzle


Fingers crossed one of the may be another witches familiar, I'm running out of options with Doublay on the hiding list and Theo incredibly reluctant to get himself involved in forming a new Coven of 3. Even if they're not it will be great to have some new friends to play with.