Monday 13 June 2016

Such Attention Is Warranted

Now as much as I sometimes think that over cosset River there are some times when such attention is warranted, today being one of them.

I like River can hear so much more than human people can and today somewhere in the distance there's a big storm going on, thunder and lightening, very, very frightening...

...for some of us. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, I get more bothered by being woken up unexpectedly, especially when little doggies paws are involved.

River however it terrified and she started shaking. I've learnt there's nothing that I can do to help, best keep close but leave alone. Daddy however is a fussy one and lay down on the floor with her, stroking her head giving words of love.

It was when River turned her back on him that I saw him going on the computer and do some frantic searching while I just purred words of comfort as River lay there trying her best to calm herself down.

All of a sudden explanations of "That might work!" came from Daddy and up her got and went to River's draw, getting out her lead and reigns.

Of course River jumped around backwards in excitement, tail all wagging and a smile went over Daddies face. 

Apparently it was time for them to "Get happy."

Works for me, I can get back to my sleep, safe in the knowledge I'll have a trouble free hour, as long as the weather holds that is. Even though it was nice to be invited all for the ride.

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