Thursday 23 June 2016

Wow What A Night Last Night Was

Wow what a night last night was.

We'd all settled down to sleep when all of a sudden the night sky lite up bright burst of white streaks and a roar of thunder crashed down on us.

I had settled on the sofa but the surprise of it made me jump up onto my feet before I realised what was happening, we were having a storm. A big storm, the likes of which I've never seen before.

I could hear River pounding up and down upstairs and went to go up and see her but then thought no, she would be safe with our daddies looking after her so I decided to venture out.

Of course as usual the cat flap was locked, so I prised it open and ran out into the garden. the first drops of rain were beginning to fall but within seconds a torrent came down and I ran into the garage to watch it for a while as it pounded the ground.

After about 10 minutes it slowed down and I ventured back in to see how everyone was. I could still hear River running around and our daddies trying to sooth her, give up on that I thought with it being this loud there's no way she would settle.

All of a sudden crash of thunder, bright lightening strikes turned night briefly into day and the excitement became too much for me to take and out I ran again, running around and around the garden getting faster and faster, dodging this way and that. I love the rain, anything water related, apparently I'm like Evie in that respect.

I heard Daddy come downstairs with River, she wasn't going to settle and the best thing to do in such circumstances is let her do what she wants to , she won't listen to calming words, even though Daddy brought down the duvet for them both to cuddle up on.

The storm lasted hours and my adventures in and out lasted as long. Eventually River settled on the sofa with Daddy her panting subsiding as the storm did. I know she hated it but I had a great time although I'm tired out now, I've been up half the night and think I'll probably be asleep half the day now to catch up on myself. Wow!

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