Saturday 18 June 2016

I Guess I Haven't Been Entirely Honest

I guess I haven't been entirely honest with River.

After reading Twizzle's important communication I got myself a little bit excited at the prospect of making some new friends and in my excitement woke River up.

We looked at me all surprised so I yawned and told her I had woken up because of the noise Daddy made putting our dinner on. She came bounding over to me all ready to play but I just wasn't in the mood for some rough and tumble so told her I had to have my post sleep bathe but I would play with her as soon as I was done.

I was hoping that dinner would come along and distract her but I've just heard Daddy say it will be at least another half an hour, I really don't know if I can stretch this bathing out that long. I hope he's put the chicken on high.

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