Friday 3 June 2016

He Leaned In One Eye Closing, Half Wink, Half Squint

"If you want something doing, do it yourself." I heard a voice from just outside the kitchen window, I was in there waiting for my dinner to be served.

"David! David-Shiro!"

I knew that voice, my skin chilled. I jumped up on to the ledge and looked out, standing in front of me bold as brass was Flash. If he'd been here 10 minutes earlier he'd have bumped into Mogsie. I bet he was watching that whole time we were talking waiting until I was on my own.

"Ah David-Shiro, glad you could join me." His mouth chomped up and down on fresh air, slithers of drawl stretching from top to bottom.

"Now you've had more than enough time to bring out the Buried Treasures, and..." he leaned in one eye closing, half wink, half squint, "you know exactly what I'm talking about."

I stared back, not saying anything my senses trampolining but my facade determined not to show I was flustered.

"You have no more time, I've decided enough is enough, I'm a busy man, I have many things to do and can't be wasting any more time on you mucking me about. Leave the little red dragon on the wall at the back of your garden by the time I come back or else."

"Or else what!" I couldn't help myself it was spat at him before I could think.

Flash smiled, "Or else I'll come in and get it myself!" He seemed happy at the thought. Turning his back to me he spat out some air, laughed and ducked into the garden next door.

Vile individual. Oh Mogsie I need you!