Tuesday 28 June 2016

In Amsterdam There's Cats Everywhere!

I left my daddies pretty much with River last evening when they came home from their adventures. It's not that I wasn't excited to see them, I was, it's just sometimes you've got to know when to step back. I'm a cat and quiet independent, River however well she's dependant on them and needed a lot of their time.

I got my time this morning when they came down and gave me a great big handful of teeth crunchies and sat me down to tell me all about their trip.

I think it's amazing that people can get in metal tubes and then somehow be up in the sky. I don't think I would like it much, I don't like being trapped in when I go to see the doctor so goodness knows how I would feel all the way up there.

However I would very much enjoy all the water that's everywhere in Amsterdam. I love water in all its formats.

Of course they don't go there to sit indoors, they go to explore.

And low and behold ta dah, cats!

And happy people.

And rather strange clothes.

I do find it very pretty at night when all the lights come on, don't think I'd like so many people being around though.

Daddy said the next day it was lovely and hot there, the sun was shining. Um here it was thundering and River was scared, I guess they go the best of the weather.

Makes it easy for people to sit out in the street eating, drinking and laughing. Um Amsterdam seems like a very happy place.

Where you can walk everywhere very easily. I could explore all over, maybe there's another way for me to get there?

I hope they do god cat food.

Apparently it's very cat and dog friendly there, oh yes and there's lot of bikes too.

And people making merry, mucking about on the water. I'm liking this place more and more.

And then something really strange happened. Daddy showed me a photo of a cat and it looked just like me and a bit like Lil' and I started to think maybe I was receiving a message of some kind from the universe.

I played close attention. Yes definitely I was receiving a message, the closer I looked the more I was sure.

Believe or not.

In Amsterdam there's cats everywhere!

And signs telling you you are not alone. Daisy got it.

They really do love their cats in the Netherlands, lovely people.

Cats, cats and more cats, I'm sure I would feel very at home.

Although not too sure how I'd manage with those trams running around everywhere.

Although they do have some very pretty flowers.

Cats even on clothes.

And black panthers on signs. Yep black panthers are cats too.

At night Daddy said all the people come out into the streets to watch the lights go on and mingle around.

And it's a time to reflect and remember people that aren't with you in body although they always will be in spirit. Messages from the universe are their way of letting you know.

And helping you to remember times spent together.

They like cheese in the Netherlands Daddy says, I don't mind it but I prefer Dreamies,

Eating cheese at night can give you weird dreams I've heard and I have enough of those without any help.

Dreams of rainbows.

The next day they met a cat who looked a bit like Sally, They stopped and said hello.

But they were on their way t see the 7 Singing Towers of Amsterdam. All sounds very magical.

I think from the photo's Daddy showed me that they had to climb up really high to see them.

Ah yes, I can see some.

1968, a good year apparently.

So says the Old man. In the messages are to be believe

He then showed me a photo of a pixie siting in a shop window as happy as can be. I did wonder why he was so cheery but couldn't work it out.

But then again it's Amsterdam and even old bikes on the way seem to smile.

But then again from what I'm leaning the whole city smiles at you, and showers you in signs from the universe.


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