Saturday 14 February 2015

Cats Eyes

I've been waiting to see if the Daddies would be going out today so I can pop upstairs on my own and open the door to the secret room but no luck so far.

I thought it was going to happen earlier when Daddy went out, but my other Daddy stayed home reading on the sofa. 

I thought it was going to happen again when one of my Daddies went upstairs and the other went out to the car. Here we go I thought, but no I heard the bath being run and then Daddy then popped around next door to get one of the gnomes who had dived bombed off the wall into C's garden.

I went out the back to watch him put the gnome back in his home on the wall at the back that's when I spotted a cat at the back of the garden just staring at me.

I waved at him and I know he saw me but he didn't give any reaction back he just sat there staring at me occasionally blinking. To be honest it quiet freaked me out, all that staring without expression, enough to make your cats eyes go dry.