Saturday 28 February 2015

A Lot To Think About

The past few day's have given me a lot to think about. Things are going around and around and I just can't switch off as much as I try I thought to settle my mind a cuddle with River would help. I just couldn't drop off though, I need to switch off.

After a while we got too hot and River moved to join daddy on the duvet on the sofa, everyone's having a sleepy day today apart from me.

I wasn't tired but a bit of exercise I thought would help and spent a happy hour playing with the toggle from daddies top.

While River watched.

The duvet began to look mighty comfy and I settled down in the corner and finally managed to drop off.

And when I woke it was night time, softly lit it wasn't too much of a rude awakening.

No that came courtesy of River and her enquiring mind!

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