Monday 2 February 2015

Greego The Pixie!

I did it! I did it! I managed to break into the secret room.

Daddy was downstairs on the phone and River was barking up the end of the garden to some friends she has over the wall so I was at a bit of a loose end and decided to have a sleep upstairs.

I had no thought or intention of trying to see if I could get into the secret room, I wanted my bed the nights caught up with me! Moving aorund the corner it seemed especially bright. it's true that today is sunny and that everything is nice and bright as Daddy has re-painted the hallway but no this was a different kind of light, bright, blinding almost and it was coming from the direction of the secret room. 

Not a thought, not a blink and there right in front of me the door to the secret room was wide open.

I dropped down on the second to last step, eyes peering just over the top step, direct eye line with the bottom of the door. I wanted to see if this was a trap of some kind, I knew not what lay in front of me. Left I moved my head to see if i could see around the corner. Nothing out of the ordinary there. To the right into the bathroom, same as normal.

I loosened my muscles and slowly made it up the last two steps. Still nothing moving, looked like the coast was clear and I bound in to the secret room.

I had been in here briefly before so it was not a total surprise to find wooden floors, books, desk and piles of boxes all around. I could see he'd been busy with the paint brush too, it was a slightly different colour to when I was in here last.

I must admit to feeling a little deflated after all the build up, just seemed like a normal room, a bit dusty, handy with the paintbrush not so handy with the broom!

I turned to leave, my bed was calling when all of a sudden I heard;

"Wait don't go, I think it's you I've been waiting for!"

My heart pounded and I froze on the spot, a little stomach acid hitting my teeth, I swallowed it down, us cats are resourceful creatures.

I slowly turned my head. Nothing, nothing moving, nothing that wasn't there a second or two before. I scanned up the wall, across the boxes, over the table listening intently as only cats can do for the slightest sound.

"UP HERE.!" Barked the voice;

Singsonging "I'm behind you" I couldn't make out the accent, Russian? Mexican? and surprisingly deep.

I looked up again, my eyes caught some words written on the board on the wall, Daddies work stuff no doubt.

"That's it, a centimeter lower, I'm waving."

My eyes lowered a little and there right in front of the board, sitting on a small shelf sticking out the bottom was this little thing, no more the size of a finger nail, frantically waving.
Up the figure got, bowing from the waste, one hand across the stomach, the other hand stretched upright fingers ticking the sky.

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Greego The Pixie and I've been waiting for you for ages!

Fireworks going off in my stomach, a rocket in my tummy, I jumped a foot in the air and dashed out, I must have got too much dust in the back of my throat and it was making me hallucinate. What gobbledygook.

Hang on gobbledygook! 


Don't know where that word came from, I really must be overtired! 

Greego the Pixie!!!