Sunday 15 February 2015

Curious And Curiouser!

I was just having a little play around with a bit of fluff on the window ledge when I heard a beep,beep outside. I looked up and saw the Daddymummy getting out of her car.
Well I was off, I know what's coming, madness from River, she does get herself all excited and I'm apt to be knocked over in the frenzy so I ran upstairs, to keep out of the way until things calm down, should be in about 2 hours then.

So anyway there I was up in the bedroom, having a little look out  of the window and there at the back of the garden was that little black cat who I saw yesterday, back up on the shed roof looking into the garden.

He couldn't see me watching him and so I just sat there to see what he was up to. He appeared to be scanning the garden, looking for what I have no idea but he looked like he was making a mental note of the layout as his eyes scanned everywhere.

After about 10 minutes he got up and walked across the back wall past the Swinging Heart of love and into the tree.

Curious and curiouser. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out for this character!