Friday 13 February 2015

And Then It Suddenly Hit Me

Today has been a day of amazing discoveries.

First of all I've discovered the joy of playing with a toilet roll. Now this is one of River's favourite pass times, when Daddy lets her have one. I've always watched in a slightly confused state whenever she's been playing around with one, never quiet getting why it seems to whip her up into a cloud of delight but then today happened.

I was watching Daddy paint the wall, trying to keep out of the way but also keep an eye on what he was doing, when all of a sudden I spotted one under the sideboard, River must have forgotten she left it there. I went over and tapped it and got some sort of insane pleasure from watching it move with my will.

I tapped it again and I was hooked, this way, that way, up on the beanbag with one swipe, ricochet off the back of the sofa, I was hooked.

More and more frenzied I got, River watching, eyes blinking from her position, the chair in the window.

After about 10 minutes I was feeling pretty tired out and just lay next to it, feeling rather pleased with myself when all of a sudden I looked up and saw the sideboard door handle and contemplated reaching up and knocking it and then it suddenly hit me. 

All this time I've been making complicated plans involving George and River and knocked over treats all to get a piece of rope to open the secret room door when I had the answer all along. Daddy is always trying to stop me from climbing the blinds, I'm good at it, I can stretch and knock things with the grace of a ballet dancer, I don't need some complicated plan, I trust need to trust myself, wait for no one to be around and jump up and open the secret room door myself.

I hope they all go out tomorrow!