Tuesday 3 February 2015

It's Magic

Well the snow didn't last long, it had all gone by lunchtime. 

I was actually quiet sad, you see River had been talking to me and telling me all about snow. She said it's magic, she said Daddy and Lil' both told her that and that I shouldn't be afraid of it but that I should go out running in it, to soak up all the magic.

Damn I had the chance to do that today and I didn't but I won't be making that mistake again, there's something about us cats, we listen and learn and make sure we don't make the same mistake again.

Now talking about listening and learning I've been doing some of that myself, about myself. All this stuff that happened yesterday with Greego the Pixie! Madness but I've been thinking, it must be real I've never hallucinated through tiredness before so why would I then. Maybe the secret room has it's own kind of magic flying around in there, either way I need to make certain that I actually did have a bit of a conversation with a Pixie and if so find out why he had been waiting for me?

It's a mystery I'm determined to get to the bottom off, I just need to find a way back into the secret room!