Thursday 19 February 2015

What Really Happened

Well this TV business is fantastic, I've really been getting into it tonight, one of the Daddies favourite shows is on and they are getting themselves all excited. The plot as I can make out is that someone killed someone a while ago and tonight we get to find out who, also someone else let someone else die and then turned themselves into the police AND THEN someone who died a long time ago came back from the other side, *rings a bell, shakes head to clear it* and then someone else might have killed someone else in the pub and a baby was born in the toilets. A pretty violent place this Walford, not sure it's my kind of place but it's all very intriguing.

Rivers taking an interest too, must be something in it for her she usually sleeps through the evening.

Oh come on I want to know what REALLY happened, Daddy is convinced things aren't as they seem.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side