Saturday 14 February 2015

A Special Day

River was in a bit of a frenzy this morning and I had no idea why until she explained.
I came downstairs with Daddy when he got up, he likes to come down early to feed me, I let him know when it's time by jumping all over him, just in case he forgets. Anyway there I was having my crunchies ignoring what was going on in the room until I heard River come running down, it's usually time for a chase, no matter that I don't usually have time to digest my food but today was different she ran straight up to Daddy and sat on his lap.

i finished my breakfast and took a leisurely stroll up to where everyone was sitting, had a little clean and then started to settle myself to have a list rest, a full stomach often makes me feel sleepy, even when I've just got up. I was just laying down when River jumped off Daddies lap and came and gave me a great big kiss and cuddle.

This isn't unusual but she said that today was a special day, it was a day called Valentines Day and everyone you meet you must give a kiss and a cuddle and a smile too.
She then jumped up on the window ledge to give out her love to anyone that walked by.

OK, I quiet like that idea giving my love out to the world I think I'll join her, although I think it would be great if every day we did that anyway. 

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