Monday 2 February 2015

By Stealth!

We had such a great night last night. Yesterday was Sunday and of course Sunday means beef, my favourite, the only trouble with beef is, it makes me incredibly sleepy and I ended up sleeping away most of the afternoon and evening.

Of course then when it came to bed time I couldn't sleep so I crept downstairs to see if any of the cats were about, having night time fun in the garden. The trouble is River must have heard me and came bounding down and waking Daddy up who came down, picked her up, tucked her under his arm and then went back upstairs.

I joined them as she just wasn't settling and intended to wait until she fell asleep them I could creep down again. She just wouldn't settle and whispered to me that she wanted to go down again.
Good idea but I told River she needed to be quiet, we needed to creep down quietly, by stealth!

That plan didn't turn out to be the best, how can it she can't go anywhere quietly. Yes it didn't work three times!

Daddy is very tired today, he said so this morning as we carried on playing the game we were playing last night.

I think I'll be keeping a low profile today then!

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