Monday 23 February 2015

Into The Secret Room

I don't know why I was surprised, after all the motivation behind breaking into the secret room was to find out if that voice I heard before really was Greego A Pixie! or just a figment of a clouded mind but somehow I still did once he squealed at me.

The voice was different from before yet somehow it was the same, a lot more sing songy but the tone remained.

"Yep it's me, I told you I'm Greego The Pixie! And with that he stamped his left foot and punched the sky with his right before falling back into his sitting position.

I turned to George

"I remembered what you told me about Pixies, some being tricksters and so was on my guard but I stepped further into the room, act like a cat and stand up tall."

George nodded in agreement, good I'd done the right thing then.

"Who's your mates?" I wanted to manage this situation as much as possible and if he was a trickster I wanted to stay firmly on my toes.

"Bob and The Little red Dragon, mind no notice."

I wasn't about to allow his to direct where this was going, not until I'd learnt a little more about him, about how he acted in situations.

"Why's he lying down?" Watch his face, see if I can pick up on something, body language, body language.

Greego's head wobbled as he glanced back at Bob.

"Bob isn't lying down, he's fallen down and I can't be bothered to pick him up, he's non stop talk, talk, talk, the only way I can keep him quiet is to leave him flat out. I think you've got this twisted my little friend, I ask the questions. Ta Dah Booooooom Ripper."


George sat forward slightly resting on his side,

"He was giving nothing away but maybe this is what Pixie's are like, I'd never met one before."

"Go on." 

"OK." I smiled, I quiet liked telling him all about my big adventure.

Sitting back but with a pounce stored at my disposal if it be needed I nodded at Greego.

"Now as I said before I've been waiting for you ages and now because you decided to run away, ages and 21 days!"

He certainly didn't waste any time getting right to the point as he gave me a stare, his eyebrows raising sharply upwards, the irritation showing.

"I've got something I need you to do for me."

OK, got that right, he certainly didn't waste anytime in getting to the point.

"What is it?"

"Tush, tush, " he waved my words away, "I need you to go to the forest and get me my thing back."

What! What? What!

I stood up, my legs needed a stretch.

"What thing?" I had no intention of agreeing to this rubbish but I was curios as to what was in the forest, whatever a forest was."

"I have no idea." He said gleefully, a smile from ear to ear. "That's part of the fun and I need you to get it back for me, go on go, go now, hurry, run-along, now!"

"No, what is this gobbledygook? Gobbledygook!" I shook my head.

"Ummm" Greego smiled. "Now listen, if you go and get my thing back from the forest then you shall be rewarded with a present, a gift."

That got my interest.

"What sort of gift?" I liked the ones I'd got at Christmas, the rainbow monkey was fabulous.

Greego spun 360 one footed and pointed direct into my face with his long twiggy finger.

"Knowledge! I'll give you the gift of knowledge!"

That surprised me, I wasn't expecting that, knowledge about what?


Greego picked out a pocket watch, checked the time before pocking a finger at the dial and flicked it backwards. His pocket watch tinged.

"Yep that's what I said."

I was still watching his closely, trying my hardest to pick up the clues his body language might give away, I needed to be away of the trickster traits.

"I'll give you knowledge, now go on, shew, there's no time to waste, go and find my thing in the forest and then come back here with it. GO ON NO TIME TO WASTE!"