Saturday 21 February 2015

I Had It Sussed!

It's Saturday morning and everyone is up and about very early. 
River is in an especially playful mood and no matter where I run to try and get some time to digest my breakfast she keeps on chasing me. I thought I'd had it sussed when I jumped up on the little table with the curly lamp, only room for one ha ha us cats are clever creatures, when she tried to step up on it with me. 

I could see a table topping tragedy about to occur but just at that point she spotted Daddy putting on his shoes and she ran over to him, jumped on his lap and staged a sit in protest at not being able to go out with him.
Ah, shoes on, that can mean only one thing, he's off out and even though I heard him saw my other Daddy was going to stay in it means there's one less person around to disturb me. I've decided, today is the day I'm going to get into the secret room!

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