Tuesday, 20 August 2013

After George's Revelation

After George's revelation I've been keeping a bit of a low profile staying pretty much with Stay Daddy wherever he went. It's not that I'm scared but I am cautious, there's no point in putting myself in too much peril but I also don't want to give in to bullies either.

Daddy finally finished work and came down stairs so I thought I'd join him. Foxy hasn't as far as I'm aware been spotted in late afternoon and I did need to get a bit of fresh air and as River was out in the garden I felt it was the perfect circumstance to go out and have a bit of a look around see if there was any Fox signs around.

Of course I had to do a bit of a runner from River who wanted to play chase, it's not her fault I'm not in the mood but maybe she's not so silly after all as although she did chase me all the way up when I got to the back she seemed to back of from her usual habit of jumping up at me if there was the slightest chance she could get near. 

I didn't see anything but I am keeping me eyes peeled, I think I'll hang around see if Craig is around with any news.