Thursday 29 August 2013

He Was Back Last Night

I've been lazing around with Daddy in the office, trying to look after him, bless he can't keep his food down but there he is giving it his best, I always think if some one tries you should be their to support him. I'd suggest chewing on some grass it always works for us cats, anyway I've just spotted George and he had some news, he found some fresh Fox mess, he was back last night.
I spotted George as he was on his way over to let the lighter Naughty Twin know what was going on, she's virtually been camped out over the road since Mogsie was attacked, she's a feisty young thing and has become an integral part of Catworld this past year. 

Right eye back on the ball, more Dreamies to be left out, he must fall into our trap for all our sakes.