Saturday 17 August 2013

George Has Just Licked His Lips, The Bait's Been Taken!

I'm up with Daddy in the window enjoying the sun, well pretending to enjoy the sun, what I'm really doing is keeping a watch out for any secret signs from the rest of the gang.

George is out on the other side of the road sniffing around, his role in our master plan is to check each day to see if there's been any signs of Foxy in the district from the night before, taking our bait of the food that we've left out, we've got to be very careful of the information that we put out.

Craig and the Wood Pigeons are helping us but with any plan the fewer people that know about it the better. Some of the cats around here we've found to our dismay can't be trusted and while the cat information network is a fantastic way of us being able to communicate with each other sometimes it can backfire and we don't want our plan being discovered by Flash or Chameleon.

George has just licked his lips, the bait's been taken!