Saturday 10 August 2013

I Can Not Believe It

I can not believe it.

I was just having a bit of a sit outside, the girl and the boy have been over tonight and so have kept River occupied so I was able to sit up with Daddy in the window.
It turned a bit humid and the window was opened and as I saw the lighter Naughty Twin crossing the road I thought I'd pop out to have a word with her about the progress of the Cat Council meeting to discuss Foxy Lectar and what he's done to Mogsie. I was just going out when Spit tried to barge past me to go in our home. What a cheek and before I even realised what was happening we were having a scrap. It's all over now and I'm calming myself down on the front step. 

The lighter Naughty Twin made me laugh though, she didn't get herself involved just a nice comfy seat at the edge of the driveway watching everything that happened.