Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stung In The Neck By A Bee

Well the nice and quiet start to the day didn't last long. The daddies were getting ready to go out everything serene, Stay Daddy left out the front as usual and almost the second he went out the front door I hear a huge scream.

Disappears went running out to him to see what on earth was causing such a state of affairs, the door was closed and I couldn't hear what they were saying so had to wait until Daddy got home.

He went straight up to the office and I followed, even though Daddy think he can speak cat he can't really but sometimes he does somehow manage to understand what I'm asking him;

Stung in the neck Lil' by a Bee, he told me and then showed me a great big red patch spreading all over his neck. He's been stung before so I know he's going to be OK but what a wake up call he got this morning.