Saturday 17 August 2013

Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain!

The darker Naughty Twin has just come by. He's heard from Craig via the Wood Pigeons via Ginger Cat, that the rumour on the street is that Foxy is laughing at us for being so careless with our food, leaving it lying around everywhere and that he's beginning to think he's scared us all and that maybe we are leaving him offerings.

Our master plan appears to be working but we're in this for a big pay-off, getting rid of him once and for all but we can't risk getting all excited and rushing this. We need to really make him believe that he has really scared us and that with our hero Mogsie out of action at the moment lull him into a false sense of security that the coast is clear for him to come in and take over Catworld.

Right I must save some more Dreamies to put out tonight, short term pain for long term gain!