Thursday 1 August 2013

I'm Still Here, You Need To Hear

I followed Daddy outside when he finished his work. I just fancied still hanging out with him we've had quiet a laugh today and I didn't want it to stop. He went outside with River but it was even hotter out there than it was inside, I found some shade up in the Peace Garden though with a little gentle breeze to keep my coolish and then I heard it again,


I was right by the Easter Island Head and it made me jump. 

I've been meaning to come up and consult The Wiseman about this and while Daddy read his book and River was doing whatever it was she was doing with some of the garden ornaments I felt there's no time like the presence.

I walked over to him and sat and got myself prepared, tuning gently into his wave pattern and then I heard it;

Ah so you come to see yourself

Yes fantastic I could still converse even though he'd suffered such indignity from Foxy Lectars vandalism. I was surprised even though I'd seen some of the other cats around here seeking his advice, I was pleased I nearly forgot what it was that I needed to ask him.
Right I must concentrate more, I needed to know what all this LUM business was about. As I sat there a strange thing happened, colours swirled through my mind like a rainbow, this had never happened to me before. I thought maybe the heat was getting to me so I shook my head to try to clear it and then tried again.

A second time rainbow colours swirled through my mind. I had a feeling that I was somewhere, somewhere very different from the Peace Garden and I felt lost almost.

Maybe this was a consequence of The Wisemans accident but then I heard him speak

I'm still here, you need to hear.

That was him alright.

Listen and you'll understand, see and you will see, search and you will find, unlock and all will be revealed.

Then instinctively I looked up and almost for a second I could swear he smiled at me but that can't be he's never moved a millimetre, his facial expression has always been as it is.

Right I must decipher this to get my answer, I went for answers and I got an answer I'm just not sure it's not left me with other questions.