Monday 26 August 2013

Getting Business Done

Bank Holiday Monday's around here are pretty lazy occasions but even I was surprised that both the Daddies were up before 9. It's not unusual for Stay Daddy to be up listening to the birds chorus, some reason much to Disappears chagrin, but Disappears was up to they said they were off out and where having an early start.

Looks it, they've turned on the TV and are laughing at that family that lives in The Middle of America. The mothers banging on about getting her business done, sounds advice for once, although all this debating she's doing about what her business actual is is obvious, tidy up!

Stay's business is getting up off his bum and doing what he said he was going to do today, my business getting up on that lap before he does, Disappears business is making sure River stays exactly where she is and her's is not to chase me, Nadia will do her usual and mind her own business. Now that's what I call getting business done!

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