Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Block

Rivers asleep and I have peace which is most acceptable this morning, Stay Daddy has locked me out of the office so I can't hang out there and with the weather being so beautiful today I know they'll be loads of cats out in Catworld.

I was right I spotted Spit and Emma both getting some lunch just now and George has meandered by although I didn't get the chance to ask any of them if there's any more news on Mogsie.

I do hope he comes back soon, things have been a bit quiet without him. There's been no sightings of Foxy over the past couple of days I thought we were drawing him in so all's gone a little of the boil on that front and I really could do with talking to Mogsie about the Easter Island Head and LUM I seem to have hit a block where that's concerned.