Sunday 18 May 2014

So Very Glad To Be Back Home Again

I could hardly believe it, we'd been gone for a whole week!

George was feeling very tired, I'm used to not sleeping but poor George was exhausted so we walked back yesterday in silence and I said to him to have a good rest and when he was ready he could tell me all about his night with Troy Lamore.

I came in and no one was here. I must admit I was a little disappointed, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. I went looking for Nadia, I thought she would be around but she must have been out in the garden somewhere buried in for the day, she goes to sleep early, as soon as it hits 4pm and she's bedded down somewhere and impossible to find, I know the amount of times I've searched the garden with Daddy to no avail.

River and the Daddies came in late and pretty much went to bed straight away. I joined them so very glad to be back home with them again and just sat there watching them sleep all night reflecting on everything that had happened.

It kept going through and through my mind that poor soul calling out for help, I so hope George has some answers for me but I'm not going to push him, not only was The Lane of Bells a physically exhausting experience but emotionally draining as well.

Another day dawns and luckily it's a beautiful sunny one and everyone is out in the garden, it's the simple things that mean so much, River bugging Nadia, the darker Naughty Twin asleep on the sunshine shed, the Daddies just pottering around the birds flying back and forth. Never take them for granted, you don't know when they could be gone!