Sunday 4 May 2014

I Shouted BOO Right In His Ear - Horror Of Horrors

It's a beautiful day out there today and everyone's was in the garden. The darker Naughty Twin was being noisy so I decided to face this head on and jumped up next to him.

I don't know what came over me but instead of offering comforting words or approaching this in a delicate way I shouted BOO right in his ear.

Of course he nearly jumped out of his skin and screeched off, I should have taken shame but after all the tricks that those two have played on me over the years I couldn't resist, just once, playing them at their own game.

I then spotted The Wiseman enjoying the sun and decided to go over for a bit of a consult, there was after all a lot on my mind and George still seems to be avoiding me, I bet he's not arranged anything again.

Anyway there I was approaching him from the fence when my attention was grabbed by the site of River stopping playing with her pink ball and starting sniffing the ground and horror of horrors a pile of bird features. There's been an attack on the Land of Birds!

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