Thursday 8 May 2014

And This Time Not Alone, This Time I'm Going With Him!

At last George has come over, at least he's stopped avoiding me.

I ran out the back and around the front and joined him in front of the car, I think he was hiding there away from River who is on the look out for cats tonight.

How are you? I asked.
He shrugged his shoulders.

Been keeping fit?

He smiled. That seemed to lift his mood a bit.

I've had a visit from Doublay.
He just looked at me.
He said that what has happened for you happened for a reason. Happened to stop you saying something that you shouldn't have. He said you'd been told stuff by Troy Lamore and that this happened from preventing you from telling me. Was you going to?

He looked a bit sheepish and nodded. I really felt for him, no only had he been carrying around this burden for goodness knows how long but now he'd paid a heavy price for only doing something I'm pretty sure I would have been tempted to do.

Doublay said it's time for you to return to The Lane of Bells because THE TIME is coming.

He looked at me at nodded, resigning himself to the inevitable he got up and started to slowly walk off.

This weekend, I think would be appropriate, what do you think?

He turned, gave a weak smile and nodded.

That's that then, this weekend George returns to The Lane of Bells and this time not alone, this time I'm going with him!