Tuesday 6 May 2014

What Could He Mean Waiting For THIS TIME?

I've just had the more interesting and revealing, well partial revealing, conversation with Doublay, of all people!
I was sitting in the window, it's been a beautiful day and unsurprisingly a few of the regulars were out and about. Sarah was enjoying an after dinner bathe and the darker Naughty Twin was lurking around but not coming too close, then all of a sudden Doublay rocks up and sits right in my eye line.
I know you're there, I've been waiting for this time!

What could he mean waiting for THIS TIME?

Silence doesn't help if you have a lot of questions to ask and he, Doublay of all people, seems to be able to at least hear if not see me and I have missed being able to speak to other cats. It's been great with George but he keeps on avoiding me. I know I'm pushing him but it is important that I get some answers and this one way communication thing isn't working me for.

Me you mean? I said

Yes you Lil' I've been waiting for this time for quiet some time.

OK here goes. Go on.

I was told something a while back by someone I think you know. I think you know because he told me you would know who I was talking about, your catty powers would tell you. 

I knew who he meant, my heart pounded.

You've met Troy Lamore too? I asked

Oh yes I've met him. I think you know what a meeting with Mr Lamore can do for you. He changed my life, and from what he told me he changed your life too Lil'.

He had done that, alright!

I'm confused, you confuse me Doublay. When did you know I was here?

I knew before you went, I just didn't know it was you.

Your talking in riddles. This was frustrating.

I was, he paused, told certain things and given certain instructions that I MUST carry out at certain times. These instructions were told to me very specifically and I can't talk about them now. It's very important that only what I can reveal is revealed. Too much knowledge can change what needs to be and that is a very dangerous thing indeed. Something that threatens the whole of Catkind.


There is was again, George and now Doublay both talking about a threat to Catkind.

I thought it would be fruitless but I couldn't not ask. What do you know about the threat to Catkind?

He laughed. Oh come on you know I can't say that I just told you, too much knowledge can change what needs to be, what MUST be!

I can tell you I am here for a purpose, I can be trusted. I wasn't told who I would be making contact with but I was told I would know when the time was right providing I didn't deviate from my instructions. Everything I have done up to this time has been what I was told to do even if it didn't make sense.

I just like you have a part to play in something that has been going on for a very long time, hidden in the shadows, with clues scattered around. Now the time approaches for what has been to play with what is yet to happen.

I was told by Troy that there would be a few of us that would be able to contact the one who came back without many of the others seeing. 

He said he would be visiting all those who would be able to and at the right time according to his instructions they would be able to step forward to make themselves known to you. I can say that as the darker Naughty Twin was the one who could hear you expect a visit from him when his time has come, as I know this there's a reason why I should, I just don't know what it may be, those instructions must lie with him.

He said you would need to listen very carefully to any instructions that come you way from any of us once we have revealed ourselves to you and you to us. Timing was of the uttermost importance and I was to contact you after you had revealed yourself to Sarah.

Troy knew it would get back to me via Sarah and I could approach you then at anytime within the day.

What does Sarah know?

I know nothing about that, I told you we all had specific instructions for ourselves only. Who else know I know not, but I do know that I was to be the second one to come to talk to you. 

I know who the first is. I said

He smiled, oh yes I got it, the play on words didn't bi-pass him I guess we both know that Troy Lamore and The First are one and the same.

I don't need to know, too much knowledge can change what needs to be. It's important at this stage that none of us know who the others may be, for all I know Sarah may be an innocent bit player or like you Lil' at the center of everything.

What do you mean the center of everything?

Lil' do you think what you did was easy? You went to the other side and you came back. Even when people choose to do that, which you did with your own free will as it was decreed to me that someone would, it's not a guarantee that choosing yes makes it happen. Everything that's been going on for a very long time was to get you and me to this point now. Where things go I only have certain pieces of the puzzle but I know my role. At the right time we'll know the answers to the clues scattered around everywhere like little Easter Eggs. 

Can I ask a question about another knower?

Doublay looked at me intently.

I was told a series of answer to questions that you would ask but it is not my place to know the questions so I shall give you answer one. To stop an early revelation.

I gasped, my question was going to be why another knower had been inflicted with gobbledygook.

I can see it makes sense to you, he smiled.

You can see me? I asked

Yes Lil' I can see you. 

I don't know what else to say but...

He interrupted me mid flow.

Anytime you need to but you must let me know when as I need to tell you the exact words as told to me in order but I need to know when to start.

It answered my question, I wanted to know when could I ask questions. It was quite fun getting the answer before I asked and thought I would test it out.

No I don't

I laughed, so that's confirmed he's not having a relationship with Sarah!


So I can trust him too. OK that was good enough for me. I nodded that was all I needed to know for tonight, he understood and smiled back. 

I guess we're both along for this ride then Doublay.

Oh yes, he smiled. Oh yes!